The Calling

When our family was first called to plant the HIA ministry, the Lord impressed four words upon our hearts: revival, restoration, healing, and deliverance. What we have come to understand is that these living words relate directly to what we are being called to do at this very hour.

Our mission is to:

1. Impact communities by connecting with those who are lost and searching for hope; sharing with them the Good News of Jesus Christ.

2. Connect with the remnant and empower through the truth of God’s word while encouraging them to stand against darkness and take an active role in building the kingdom of God.

3. Focus on the family unit by supporting them in their spiritual growth while providing them with the necessary resources, support, love, and fellowship to facilitate healing and restoration within their homes.

4. Focus on the youth of the nation and share the message of hope that is found only in Jesus Christ. To empower them to live for Yeshua and not for the world.

5. To equip God’s spiritual warriors with the necessary resources, nurturing, rest, and fellowship that will:(a) promote spiritual growth and renewal, (b) empower them to engage the world with the Good News, (c) help bring them into an intimate fellowship with the Lord and closer relationships with fellow Christians, and (d) afford them with opportunities to connect with fellow brethren.

6. To facilitate a media network that will allow HIA to engage this fallen world with the Good News of Jesus Christ and reach out to those who are lost and hurting globally.

7. Plant the Lost Sheep Farm Outreach to facilitate hope, healing and restoration within the remnant. This farm outreach will be a very strategic location in which God’s spiritual warriors will find support as they launch their spiritual search and rescue mission into the harvest field.