Proposed Blueprint

Vision: Making an Impact

It’s often difficult to capture and put into words the amazing vision God places upon one’s heart. The complex nature in which He works lends to the difficulty in portraying this mission. This is truly the case in sharing the ‘Lost Sheep Farm’ calling. However, the peace, joy and excitement of this vision is something that I believe I can share with relative ease. It’s my prayer that those who visit this website will receive an understanding of this vision and the impact it will have in the the lives of others.

Lost Sheep Farm is a calling with a purpose. It was born out of a baptism of anguish, in which the Lord shared a vision of His heart for those who are hurting and in need of His hope and healing mercy. After receiving a glimpse of His heart for those precious souls, our family placed our trust in the Lord and committed whole heartedly to the calling He had for us. We know, without any doubt, that God has ordained Lost Sheep Farm as an instrument in sharing His Good News, hope and love.

There’s not a particular type of person, group or organization that’s the main focus of Lost Sheep Farm and its outreaches. This is a place whose call can be heard by many in spite of who they are, what they are facing or even what they believe. The heart of its calling is to offer comfort and support to those who are hurting, broken, hopeless, confused, feeling alone, and facing challenges in their lives. It’s a ministry that facilitates hope, healing and restoration that is found in the Lord, and whose people share His agape love with all those they encounter, letting them know they will never walk alone.

God is the author and founder of this ministry and He will use Lost Sheep Farm for His purposes and for His glory. I truly believe He will speak to those who are led here in very specific ways, addressing their needs in a very personal way and making His truth known.

Proposed Blueprint

FREEDOM PRAYER PATH – winding nature prayer path through lush hardwoods and pine trees. Along the way there are stopping points with places to sit, pray and spend time with God. The path winds it way to a beautiful, massive wooden cross that’s surrounded by benches for people to receive from the Lord as He stirs their hearts and leads them to freedom in Christ. In addition to the walking path, HIA will offer an equestrian path for those who want to visit the property with their horses.

THE FARMHOUSE – a historic farmhouse built in 1901 is being offered to the ministry. It will serve as home away from home. Guests enjoy peace, comfort and relaxation while visiting the land. The farmhouse includes a wrap around porch with ceiling fans and rocking chairs.

GUEST CABINS – a cluster of small, cozy cabins that can be utilized for a host of purposes. These cabins are nestled amongst the hardwoods and pines; facilitating a time of relaxation, restoration and healing. In addition to these cabins, Jennifer is led to put in place a unity cabin and a his & her cabin. This will be used for married couples who come to heal marriages, renew their vows and reaffirm their commitment to the Lord. They will also be used for weddings on the property.

OUTDOOR PAVILION – the outdoor pavilion will serve a host of functions. It will provide a gathering location for fellowship, worship, concert events, outreaches, and as a destination location for Christian groups.

LODGE/FELLOWSHIP HALL – the Lord has blessed this ministry with a wonderful lodge/fellowship hall. We will utilize this hall for gatherings, fellowship, teachings, and retreats. The large kitchen and additional rooms allows us to facilitate a host of retreats and events.

ANIMAL BARN – no farm is complete without animals. The animal barn will consist of goats and sheep that can be enjoyed by children and their families as well as animal therapy for various groups.

RV AND CAMPING SITES – the farm will offer full-service RV spots and camping sites for those who desire to enjoy their time living among the land.