Lost Sheep Farm

A Vision Becomes a Reality

Sometime ago, the Lord spoke to us through His word in the story of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3). There are many valuable lessons to be learned from this story. However, one aspect stood out and I believe it’s relevant for this hour. This particular lesson relates to the effort in rebuilding the wall. Each person, family was given the task of building a certain portion of the wall. Because they had a specific area of focus, the wall was rebuilt in record time. The individual efforts led to the accomplishment of the overall vision.

I believe that God is calling people with unique qualities and talents to this ministry. Their individual characteristics, abilities, experiences, and knowledge will play an important role in engaging those who are in need of hope. Although they will have specific areas of focus, they are part of a body of believers (a group) that will make this vision become a reality. The many parts will work together as one, and great things will be accomplished for the glory of God.

How To Partner

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with Hope Is Alive in its calling to minister to those precious lost souls and support the remnant. Please pray about your role and the ways in which God is leading you to support this ministry.

With any calling, Hope Is Alive has a host of needs that need to be filled. This includes financial support, laborers, prayer warriors, and those with very specific talents to facilitate the various outreaches. If you believe you are led, we ask that you contact us today and share where the Lord is leading you. Please feel free to share this with anyone whom you may be led.